FireStorm Mail Advantage Newsletter

Introducing the Mail Advantage Newsletter, a custom written, local interest newsletter that is informational, educational and promotional all at once.

As anyone in the HVAC business knows, over the long term, building reputation is the most important component of advertising. No matter how much your customers like your service and pricing. No matter how much they like your ads or how much their friends, family and neighbors sing your praises. They don’t buy a replacement heating and cooling system until their old system is in danger of failing. Consistently delivering your advertising at the exact time they realize it is time to replace their system, is serious challenge.  

Newsletters have a longer in-home life. Homeowners keep them longer and spend more time reading them than postcards and other direct mail. That’s more time to learn about you and your services. Newsletters provide space to educate readers and allow HVAC companies. 

A full four page newsletter for less than the price of a standard postcard, that’s the Mail Advantage Newsletter.


$ 0.45 per mail piece
2 Mail Sends
Over 2-4 Months
Minimum 10,000
$ 0.41 per mail piece
4 Mail Sends
Over 4-8 Months
Minimum 10,000
$ 0.39 per mail piece
8 Mail Sends
Over 8-12 Months
Minimum 10,000