CLI One Source Analytics, Budgeting Tool

Our CLI OneSource Analytics reporting platform is a state of the art data gathering engine which utilizes several Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and other data gathering tools to deliver a near real time custom internet accessible database of web activity. Unlike some big data repositories we don’t overwhelm you with more data than you can handle. Our custom reporting calls out the most important information and presents it to you in dashboard type reports.

Collecting the response information and putting it into a usable format is strong starting point. However, the job isn’t finished until you find ways to take that data and formulate tactics that lead to improving ongoing business operations. As operational consultants we can show you how your results compare to competitors. We can offer suggestions for future improvements.

The Firestorm LeadGen CLI OneSource Budget planning tool is a critical part of managing your marketing efforts by helping you identify where your leads are coming from and focusing your spending on the marketing channels that produce the best leads.