Smart Database, Great Email Programs, Deployment, Analytics

We understand that for many types of home service businesses it is the big jobs that you need most. Total replacement HVAC systems, whole house plumbing upgrades or electrical panel replacements are the kind of jobs you want. Driving 30 miles one way to fix a leaky faucet is better than sitting in the shop waiting for the phone to ring. But it’s the big jobs pay the bills. The homeowner who purchased a new HVAC last year is not going to need another for a long time. What you need is to find new prospects for the big jobs. We can supply email addresses of homeowners who fit the profile of the buyers you are looking for.

You Will Need a Smart Database

We carefully maintain your email database to make sure it is updated with new customers, new leads, new appointments, opt-outs, and delivery metrics. We will build an email database that tracks all of your customers’ activities and keeps a virtual real time record. From idea inception to launch of an email send we can narrow the time required because you database will always be updated and ready.

What Goes Into a Great Email Program?

Not only can we provide clean email addresses, we can develop the themes with you, design the emails for you approval, write the copy including the all-important subject lines and establish a schedule for all of your email sends. Every email you send has a value. An email in an inbox is valuable like a media ad. An email that gets open is like a customer who sees your add and goes to your website to learn more. A customer who calls the phone number in the email is invaluable. Good themes, good timing, good design and good copy all add up to great email programs.

Email Deployment and Analytics

Firestorm LeadGen employs state-of-the art software to deploy emails at rates that assure timely delivery without triggering black listings. Our analysts help clients understand the results through detailed analysis that is understandable and useful. Consistency in delivering marketing emails matters. The best technique to get your name in front of your customers at the time they need your services is to send emails every week, year round. One or two emails per week usually gets the job done. Firestorm LeadGen can develop a schedule that is best for you and then follow up and make sure you keep on that schedule.

Text messaging service

Text messaging service from Firestorm LeadGen are a quick and convenient way to let your customers know that it is time for their service appointment. Text messages can also be used for upselling and cross selling as you send appointment reminders. There is also a place in marketing programs for bulk text messages to all or segments of your customers about special offers or urgent information.